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A Journey Begins...

Over the past few months we have been working with an institute called Child In Need to support under privileged children . Few young & enthusiastic people at MBE have come forward and committed themselves to support-"Education For Under Privileged Children".

They have visited the CINI coaching centre where the learning & various activity of the school children (7 years - 12 years) is conducted on a day to day basis by CINI appointed teachers & ground level volunteers. The coaching center is in a very backward region of Tiljala- Topsia under Ward-66 of KMC. Here the community is very poor and so additional creative and exposure inputs have to be given to the children to draw them towards education. Apart from that there are activities done with the parents so as to make them realize that the need of education for their children is much greater than the meager income that they get working in tanneries and other sweat shops.

Our approach is focused to support, Education For The Under Privileged Children. MBE with CINI would support a Coaching centre for 25 children for 1 year.
The following are the two main areas on which we are planning the project:

  • Community: Projects/initiatives targeted towards education/access/infrastructure
  • Employees: Training and development, health related benefits and some examples of employee engagement.

Expected Project Output:

  • 80% children will be retained in the formal school.
  • Motivation level of the parents will be improved.
  • The academic level of children will be improved.
  • Linkage between school and community will be improved.
  • To prevent the children from joining the labour force beside the school hours.


Kolkata Marathon

The Kolkata Marathon was organized by Tata Medical centre on 5th January, 2014. From Celebrities to Corporates to School children. From the young who ran to the old who walked, showed their support for underprivileged cancer patients at the Tata Medical Center. Team MBE also enthusiastically participated to support the cause.



New Year's Wish with Smiles - January 10, 2013



Teacher's Day Celebration - September 5, 2012



Hidden Talent in the slums of Kolkata.

The Visit of PRAYASH to CINI on Saturday (8th June 2013) was a great experience. The 25 children in the class have a variety of talent hidden in them, other than studying sincerely they are practicing many hobbies like Painting, Singing, Dancing, Poem recitation and B-Boying. The children were excited to show their talents in front of us. Two students performed B-Boying like grown-ups, some of the girls had multi-talent of singing and dancing together. Most of the children are very good at painting and the complete classroom was decorated by their paintings itself. The helping hand of MBE through PRAYASH is giving their dreams a path to reality.


 Prayash visit as on 7th June, 2013