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MBE, a pioneer in the field of Coal Handling Plants(CHP), has built around 100 CHPs in power plants and mines in India.

As part of a diversification plan, MBE entered into the area of Ash Handling systems for thermal power stations. It entered into collaboration with Eroterv Wagner Biro of Hungary, a world leader in the field with strong presence in Europe and South East Asia. Subsequently, MBE acquired 100% shares in EWB. By virtue of this acquisition, MBE is today a global player in the field of Ash Handling.

High Concentrated Slurry Disposal System, for 2 X 250 MW Power Plant, CESC Budgebudge.
Silo for Ash Handling System for 2 x 125 MW , GMDC, Akrimota Power Station.



MBE is a leader in handling powder materials by means of Mechanical Transport, Hydraulic Transport, Pneumatic Dense Phase and Lean Phase Transport along with storage and unloading. MBE is in a position to offer complete solutions commencing from concept to commissioning for :

  1. Hydraulic transport of Ash
  2. Hydro-pneumatic transport equipment
  3. Transporting vessels (both dense phase & lean phase system)
  4. Dry unloading equipment
  5. Moistening screws & Drums
  6. Dilute phase pneumatic transport : Vacuum & Pressure
  7. Dense phase pneumatic transport: Pressure
  8. Bottom Ash Handling with Scraper Conveyor
  9. Aeration for silo discharging
  10. Air Slide Channels for transfer of materials
  11. Hydraulic cross – country Ash Transport with Slurry Pumps
  12. Dust Control with Filters
  13. Mechanical Ash Handling with Belt Conveyor
  14. Dry Bottom Ash Handling
  15. High Concentration Slurry Disposal System
  16. Alumina Handling and Transport
  17. Pyrite / Mill Rejects Systems for Power Stations

MBE provides Operation and Maintenance services in the plants.

Lean Slurry Handling Sysytem


Ash Handling

Ash Handling System for 2 x 125 MW GMDC, Akrimota Power Station
O&M at Ash Handling Plant

MBE built the first Ash Handling Plant for Indian Explosives Limited, Kanpur. MBE acquired state-of-the-art technology from EWB Hungary, a world leader in the field of all types of ash and powdered material handling systems.

Subsequently MBE acquired 100% share holding of EWB and has the expertise in engineering and turnkey execution of all types of Ash Handling and Ash Management systems including:

Transporter for
Ash Handling System
for 2 x 125 MW GMDC,
Akrimota Power Station.
  • Bottom Ash Handling by Mechanical Scraper Chain Conveyor, Hydro sluicing with Jet Pump and Water re-circulation etc.

    In addition to conventional technologies for handling of Bottom Ash, MBE is also in a position to offer complete “Dry Bottom Ash Handling” by means of Mechanical Chain Conveyors which eliminate use of any water for the system through appropriate tie – ups.

  • Bed Ash Handling by pneumatic pressure / vacuum conveying system, hydraulic system
  • Fly Ash handling by mechanical conveyor, pneumatic pressure/ vacuum conveying system, hydraulic system
  • Air slide system
  • Silo Loading and Unloading including Silo design
  • Slurry Pumping to distant ash pond areas using cross – country pipelines
  • Ash Management System
  • High Concentration slurry disposal system
  • MBE has expertise in the field of pneumatic Dense Phase Conveying System of Ash in a low power and eco-friendly manner and has supplied a number of plants in Europe, South East Asia and many other places worldwide. MBE has a pilot plant in the Technical University of Budapest for continuous Research and Development in frontier technology.



Pneumatic Conveying

MBE is specialized in pneumatic conveying of powdered and granular material that includes Alumina, Limestone, Coal, Zirconium, Sand, Pyrites, Clinker, Lead Oxide, Magnesium Oxide, Chromium Oxide etc.

MBE has a 100% subsidiary unit, MBE EWB Technologial kft, Hungary, one of the global leaders in the field of pneumatic conveying of different types of material. Through the association with EWB, MBE supplies Pneumatic Conveying Plants for powdered material in India and in other parts of the world. MBE has a pilot plant in Technical University of Budapest for pneumatic conveying of powdered material. The professors of the Fluid Mechanics Department of the Technical University of Budapest are the associate employees of MBE. Continued interaction takes place between MBE and Technical University of Budapest / EWB in respect to system design of Pneumatic Conveying Plant takes place during execution of projects.

Ash Handling : Air Slide
Pneumatic Vacuum Conveying system at NTPC, Rihand Project



MBE is approved with all major Central Power Sector PSUs, State Power Generating Cos. and Private Utility Power Producing Cos. in India. Similarly, MBE is well recognized and is one of the preferred Ash / Powdered Plant suppliers with Power Sector Consultants of India.

Following are few Indian Customers/Consultants to whom MBE has supplied/supplying complete Ash Handling Systems/Pneumatic Powdered Material Handling Systems and is enjoying their continuous patronage:

  • NTPC Ltd.
  • BHEL
  • DVC
  • Neyveli Lignite Corporation
  • HPC
  • CESC Ltd.
  • GMDC
  • Jindal Power Ltd.
  • Vedanta Aluminium Ltd.

MBE/EWB also boasts of supplying Ash Plants/ Pneumatic Systems for Powdery Materials to many Clients abroad, a feat not accomplished by any of its Indian competitors engaged in similar business. To name a few,

  • Indonesia Power (Suralaya Power Plant 3x600 MW)
  • Beak doo Ind. Co. Ltd. , South Korea(Boreyang (2x500 MW) & Young Hung (2x870 MW) Power Station)
  • AES Borsodi Energetikai KFT (Borsodi Power Station, 200 MW)
  • Rudnik GACKO, Yugoslavia (1x300 MW)
  • Termoelektrane Centrles Thermiques Kraftwerke (Obrenovac B (2x500 MW), Yugoslavia)


Powder Material Handling

Powder material handling systems are mainly used to transport materials like cement, alumina etc. Powder material handling is done with the help of airlift systems. During the transportation, the material does not come in contact with the atmosphere. McNally Bharat has the capability to design, manufacture, erect and commission on a turnkey basis Powder Material Handling Plants.

Alumina Handling

MBE is presently executing an Alumina handling project of 3 Million Tonnes per annum capacity for Vedanta at Lanjigarh.

MBE has the capability to design, engineer, procure and commission such plants. It can supply equipment and structurals for such projects.